Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jonathan's Growing Too

So not to leave our second son out, let me share with you all how much he is growing too.

First of all, Jon is finally sleeping again. For the last two weeks he's had a straight sleep of at least 3 hours at night, usually even 6-8 hours straight. We are loving it here and even Jon seems much happier in the morning from a good sleep.

He is also reaching for, holding on to, and diving for anything he can get his hands on. He wants to experience anything and everything. We have a feeling that he will be a wild child when he learns to crawl.

But the biggest change for Jon is that he started eating cereal yesterday! And he loved it. At the first bite, we got a bit of a strange look, but on the second he grabbed for the spoon and shoved it into his mouth. Even Michael got in the action helping to feed him.

While I'm on the subject of my wonderful second son, I'll let you know that I finally got around to scrapping the pages from his birth. :) Here they are:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Michael's First Day of Preschool

Michael started preschool today. How in the world we got to this point in our lives I just don't don't know. Is Michael really that old already? Am I? Wow!

We started the day (well actually we started this the day we signed him up) by going over what he could expect to happen at preschool. Michael is one of those kids who thrives on routine and cowers at even the mention of the unexpected. He is the one who broke in the new toddler teacher at church yesterday by providing a full blown meltdown when they walked into kids' worship late - after things had already begun. He is the one who stood in front of the cupboard today announcing that I simply could not eat cereal for lunch because, "It's just not right, mom." (We actually had fresh strawberries in the house even though it's winter and they sounded good to eat on cereal.) So we talked today about how they were going to sing and eat a snack and play. I made sure he knew that the teacher would pick the snack (not him). He was a bit concerned that I didn't know what he would do first and assured me that he would tell me when he got home. He was excited to hear about the space on the carpet that was tagged with his name where he could sit.

When we got there he did very well, and I did too if I can say so. Neither of us shed a tear. We hung up his coat and he was invited by a highschooler to join another boy in playing with trains. Seizing this opportunity, I gave him a hug and quickly exited stage left. The preschool is at the local high school where the students taking child development classes can help plan and lead activities for the preschoolers. It seems like a great situation for all involved. The high school students get hands on experience and my son gets more attention than I could give him in a week.

Then two hours later I was back and waiting in the car for them to bring the kids out. I thought back to all those times I stood on the other side, sitting with the kids and making sure they all got dismissed to the right parent and was glad that this time around I just had to worry about one child. Michael came out to the car and imediately announced that he played first (remember back to the conversations we had had earlier in the day - now he knows what comes first. I hope they don't change that. lol) He then was pleased to announce that there were two Nicks - I believe he was refering to the high school students. When I asked him what his favorite thing was he said, "Snack - We had grahm crackers Mom!" And with that I entered into the world of parents who can ask all sorts of questions about their kid's day without ever really finding out much information.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Bible reading

Our church has just started a daily Bible reading program. I'm not sure where it comes from, but it gives you a couple of passages to read through each day and by the end of the year you will have read through the new testament twice and the old once. The cool thing about it is that there are student and children versions as well. They won't make it through the whole Bible in a year, but they read smaller segments of what the adults are reading each day. This allows everyone in a family and really our whole church to be reading the same passages, and then allows us to discuss them together.
I, by the way, forgot yesterday, so I'm already a day behind, but I'm sitting down to do the reading now. I also just sat down with Michael before his nap and read the children's passages with him. He was so excited because it was the birth and shepherds stories from Luke 2, which we told many times this past holiday season so he knows them well.
If you want to check it out or even follow along this year, here is a link: