Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have a three year old child. All day long I'm bombarded with questions. Why? How? When? Why? What? Who? Where? Why?? While I love to talk to Michael and explain to him all the ins and outs of how everything works and why it is that way and how I know that to be true, there comes a limit to the how many times I can answer seemingly the same question over and over again. So I have picked up a statement from my mother-in-law. "Sometimes Mommies know thing."
So today, completely out of the blue, Michael comes to me and asks, "Why do Mommies sometimes know things?" So I used my other favorite question ending answer. "Because that's the way God made Mommies!"


Just a note to say that Jonathan got his first teeth overnight. He woke up this morning with two sharp teeth through his lower gum!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My numbers boy

Here is the following conversation I just overheard while Tim was in the kitchen and Michael was watching the Bulls/Celtics game and keeping Tim updated.
Michael: "The Bulls are winning by 2!"
Tim: "Why? How much do they have?"
Michael: "one hundred one"
Tim: "And how much do the Celtics have?"
Michael: "ninety-nine"
Tim: "Yup, they're winning by 2 alright!"

How is that for number knowledge for a 3 year old?!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Updates on Michael

As promised here are some things going on with Michael right now:

He is three and half and anxiously awaiting his 4th birthday, although it's over 4 months away. He has realized that most of his friends at church are older than him and always will be which upset him, so we started talking about those who he is older than. Now he will sporadically come up to me and say, "Mom, do you think Jonathan will catch up to me? NO! He won't! When Jonathan turns 1, I'll be 4, when Jonathan turns 2, I'll turn 5, ..."

On a related note, Michael loves numbers. He can count to 100 now and recognize them too. He wants to learn to write them all now. He is also beginning to understand addition and subtraction.

Michael is even more into all things sports. He still talks daily about how football will start up again after his birthday. He got very much into watching March madness and cheering for the teams that he picked out. Although, his loyalties to any team are pretty thin and will likely shift to whichever team is currently winning. He hates that he has to go to bed before a game is over and can't wait to ask who won in the morning. He likes to play sports too, and with the weather getting warmer, loves to go outside on the back deck. He loves for us to pitch him balls to hit and play defense while he shoots hoops.

Michael is learning how to stall. Within minutes of going to bed, he is usually back downstairs under the pretense of having to go to the bathroom again. Then he will continue to ask question after question until we finally assist that he return to bed. Then there is the need for one more hug and kiss, etc, etc, etc.

Michael loves being a big brother. His favorite thing to do with Jonathan is play tackle!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Jonathan Update

He is crawling! It happened Sat evening. Tim and Michael built a tower for him to knock over and put it out of reach and Jon just went for it. He crawls like one of those wind up baby dolls that crawls - very small movements, all of which seem to be identical. It is so cute! And if that's not enough, he also has taken a couple of steps cruising around the table. So we are in trouble soon! But so very excited for him. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Some updates on Jonathan

He is eating a wide variety of foods and enjoying it immensely. The newest addition has been banana bread that makes a huge enjoyable mess. Next up is trying to teach him how to drink from a cup and not just from his mother.

He still loves his pacifier but doesn't fully understand it:
*When he has his paci in his mouth in his high chair, he will pick up a Cheerio, bring it to his mouth, and then stare at his hand in disbelief that it is still there and didn't get past the paci into the mouth.
*When I lay him on my lap and get ready to nurse, he sucks all the more aggressively on his paci in excitement. He then gets mad at me if I don't start feeding him or if I take the paci out of his mouth. Sometimes you just can't please a kid!
*We did a week long experiment to try and get him to fall asleep without his paci to hopefully reduce the number of times he wakes up during the night needing it put back in his mouth. He now goes down fine without it, but still wakes up crying consolable throughout the night until he gets it. This one he seems to understand just fine, but his parents to not.

He still doesn't have any teeth.

He is soooo close to crawling. Right now it is just backwards and in circles, but.... any day now I just know we will need to rebaby-proof the house. When I got him up from his nap today he had rolled over onto his stomach which is the first time he has done this unassisted I think.

He adores watching his big brother. And whatever Michael can build, Jonathan can destroy faster!

Well I think that pretty much sums up his life right now: Sleep, eat, play, poop (although I'm sure you don't want details on that last one. lol)

I'll be back later this week to update you all on Michael. :)