Sunday, September 28, 2014

2 sixth graders, 2 third graders, and a kindergartener

These are the boys on our street and they play together all the time.  I have been praying for this - this childhood life that I remember.  My boys will drop everything, including video games, when the doorbell rings inviting them to come out and play.

As it turns out, they've decided that each others yards are perfect for certain sports.  So two of the families live across the street and their back yards together make a perfect capture the flag forest.  Last summer, late into the nights the kids were waring over handkerchiefs and frisbees or what ever was the flag of choice for the day.  Those were the times when you know your little ones should be long tucked into bed, but you can't stand to be the first parent to break up the fun.

And then our other neighbor apparently has a back yard just perfect for a soccer field.  All through the world cup, the boys spent hours making teams, scoring goals, and high-fiving each other.

Our yard has been designated the football field.  Michael got a flag football set that they use sometimes, while other times they go all out tackle.  And can I say that I love this.  Right now as I type I hear, "That was the best play ever Noah!" and "Great job Jon!"  These are good boys and I love the friendships they are building.  I hope those 6th graders don't grow up too fast and become too cool for these little ones.

In addition, our swing set has been turned into an angry bird game.  The "pigs" hang out on the swings, slide, and monkey bars.  Then someone else throws angry soccer balls at them to see who they can hit.  I just cracked up laughing the first time I saw it and the second time I quick grabbed a picture.  Oh, and yes, that is a slide on top of a slide for double the fun.  Watching them get it up there was another great humorous moment.