Thursday, October 28, 2010

News break

Just wanted to interrupt your regularly scheduled day to let you know that Becca just learned how to pull herself back up into a sitting position after being down on her stomach. This is a skill that I'm not sure either of our boys learned until well after a year.
I've been told that girls are often much quicker at talking but in this area Becca seems to be following in her brothers' footprints. None of my kiddos were big babblers. They like to sequel, blow raspberries, and for Becca right now, make fake coughs. However, there really is almost no "babababa" or "mamamama." Instead Becca seems set on out doing her brothers in the movement area. She rolled earlier than either Michael or Jon and is 400 times more mobile than either of them were at this age. She can roll an backwards scootch all over the house. And now she can get back to sitting too! Way to go Becca.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall is Here

September seemed unbelievably warm this year, but fall has finally arrived the last few weeks. And we have done a few traditional fall activities.

1. Fall is a beautiful time to take pictures and I had a great photoshoot with the kids outside by some pumpkins. Unfortunately we never found the time to go to a local farm to pick out our own, so I had to get mine from Meijer this year (shhhh - don't tell anyone), but the kids loved playing outside with them just the same. I will show off some individual shots once I have time to play around with them more, and family will be getting some prints, but here is one of all three together.
Photo shoot

2. We raked leaves and the boys had a blast jumping in them. When I first got the pile finished I told Jon to jump in it and he looked at me completely baffled. But as soon as he saw Michael do it, he was all about it. They had so much fun.
Jumping in the leaves

Jumping in the leaves

Jumping in the leaves

3. We carved pumpkins. Ok, well I guess we actually carved A pumpkin. I bought three pumpkins this year - one for each kid, however I was not that adventuresome to carve them all. I knew that I'd end up do at least the last and probably the last two by myself, so we drew faces on Jon's and Becca's and carved Michael's.

Michael drew the face for Becca and Jon and I drew a face on his.
Drawing the face

Drawing the face

Then we cut open Michael's to clean it out. Jon reached right in and grabbed handfuls of goop, getting his whole arms just covered and loving every minute of it. Michael reached in and touched it (and I think he got this far only because he didn't want to be outdone by Jon) and announced that he would like to use a spoon to scoop things out. So while Jon pulled out handfuls of pumpkin innards, Michael cautiously scooped out one or two seeds at a time. Such different personalities.
Pulling out the insides

Here are the finished pumpkins:
Becca's pumpkin

Jon's pumpkin

Michael's pumpkin

Pumpkin faces

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keeping Up with the cousins

Last weekend we went out to visit Brian, Emily, Cody, and Allie. We had a blast playing at their house and then getting all bundled up to go out to a Central Michigan football game.

The little girls were adorable together. They sat on the floor and played musical toys to the mouth, took turns sitting in the booster for some baby food, and snuggled with moms at the game.

Three days after coming home, it seems that Allie has rubbed off on Becca in one small way - Becca got her two bottom teeth!

Sunday night poor Becca was awake in the middle of the night crying and unable to go back to sleep. We had no idea what was going on and simply could not stop the fussing. Turns out it was probably those pesky teeth. Tuesday morning Becca bit down on my finger and low and behold there were two small sharp objects poking through her lower gums. Our littlest one is growing up!