Thursday, October 28, 2010

News break

Just wanted to interrupt your regularly scheduled day to let you know that Becca just learned how to pull herself back up into a sitting position after being down on her stomach. This is a skill that I'm not sure either of our boys learned until well after a year.
I've been told that girls are often much quicker at talking but in this area Becca seems to be following in her brothers' footprints. None of my kiddos were big babblers. They like to sequel, blow raspberries, and for Becca right now, make fake coughs. However, there really is almost no "babababa" or "mamamama." Instead Becca seems set on out doing her brothers in the movement area. She rolled earlier than either Michael or Jon and is 400 times more mobile than either of them were at this age. She can roll an backwards scootch all over the house. And now she can get back to sitting too! Way to go Becca.

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