Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For those who think I only dress my daughter in pink

Here is what she wore yesterday. (And no, I didn't dress her in red just for this picture.)

And I went back through my photos and found some more adorable Becca pictures with little to no pink:



Grandma Haig

Kisses for sister

Michael loves holding Rebecca

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love the outdoors

We have been loving the outdoors with the great weather we have been having! The boys play so nicely (most of the time :)) and Becca usually naps in her carseat or carrier. I'm sure that by the end of the summer the boys will be sick of their outside toys just like we are sick of the inside stuff right now, but for now I'm going to enjoy the great times. Here are some pics from our trip to the park yesterday:





More on our flick site:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sports Stacking World Championships

We are back and had a great weekend! Here is the low down.

We left on Friday and flew through Milwaukee to Denver. As we were walking through the airport with three kids in tow I could just imagine the thoughts of the passengers waiting for their planes: "Oh, please don't let them be on my flight!" However. the kids had a fun time on the plane and all did very well. Jon was a bit squirmy on Tim's lap but loved sitting and looking out the window. Michael talked a mile a minute the whole way and wanted to know everything about all the emergency regulations in the seat pocket brochure. Becca ate and slept basically the whole way, only crying for like a minute on one of the return flights.

On Saturday we attended the tournament and Tim and Michael competed in their prelims, both doing very well. The qualified in everything except parent/child doubles where we think they were probably sixth (only the top 5 qualify) with an amazing time for them.

Then on Sunday they competed in the finals. Michael got first places in everything and lowered two of his world records. Tim also did fabulous getting a ton of first and second place finishes and setting five USA records I believe.

My favorite was probably Michael's relay team About To Stack. There were four kids: Michael, Elizabeth who came with a stacking team from her school, Kevin who is a younger brother of a stacker on team USA, and Neils who came with his family from Germany. They competed in the 6 and under division. They got first place in the timed 3-6-3 relay and in the head to head 3-3-3 relay. In the 3-6-3 head to head relay the finals were saved for Sunday afternoon on stage during the Stack of Champions. The kids were so cute walking up on stage and competing and Michael had quite the cheering section from all the friends he is making in the stack world. Tim was invited to the media booth to tape the relay and here is the footage:

Here are some more photos from the weekend:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

We had a busy but great Easter Sunday! It started with a "get everyone fed and dressed quick" frenzy. But then we managed to get a great picture of the kids in their adorable Easter outfits before leaving for church.
The kids

Then we were off to church rehearsal. Tim was playing drums and I was signing. The boys did great just playing and running around and Becca slept through the whole thing. Church went well and after they had an egg hunt for the kids. Michael was so excited and remembered past year's egg hunts. Jon on the other hand participated in picking up eggs but didn't get really excited about it all until Tim showed him how to open them and he found some candy!





Next we headed off for Grandpa DeJong's house for Easter dinner! While we were there we took a family photo too:

Finally, back at home we colored Easter eggs. I know that this is usually done prior to Easter and we had the eggs boiled a couple of days ago, but well, the days got away from us.... The party started with Jon eating one of the coloring tablets but ended with some great looking eggs!