Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

We had a busy but great Easter Sunday! It started with a "get everyone fed and dressed quick" frenzy. But then we managed to get a great picture of the kids in their adorable Easter outfits before leaving for church.
The kids

Then we were off to church rehearsal. Tim was playing drums and I was signing. The boys did great just playing and running around and Becca slept through the whole thing. Church went well and after they had an egg hunt for the kids. Michael was so excited and remembered past year's egg hunts. Jon on the other hand participated in picking up eggs but didn't get really excited about it all until Tim showed him how to open them and he found some candy!





Next we headed off for Grandpa DeJong's house for Easter dinner! While we were there we took a family photo too:

Finally, back at home we colored Easter eggs. I know that this is usually done prior to Easter and we had the eggs boiled a couple of days ago, but well, the days got away from us.... The party started with Jon eating one of the coloring tablets but ended with some great looking eggs!


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