Thursday, March 11, 2010


Why do I always forget about how little sleep mom gets with a newborn and how well I don't handle lack of sleep? Oh, yah, because if I didn't forget I'd probably not had more kids.... lol

We are in the middle of it again. I had two nights with no more than an hour or two at a time which was really hard. Last night however, I got three hours straight. And of course my body was so refreshed by it I couldn't fall back asleep. Oh well.

Not much point to this post except that we had a pretty good night with Becca last night and I want to document it!

Jon on the other hand did not sleep well last night. I tried putting him down early at the advice of all the sleep books. So he went down at 7:30 and started fussing off and on. I put Michael down at 8:00 and resettled Jon for the third time. Then by 9:00 and after a few more tries at trying to get him to lay down, Jon was still up playing in bed and Michael was becoming very frustrated with him. I ended up getting Jon up so Michael could fall asleep. Imagine Tim's surprise when he came home at 9:30 to find Jon happily playing in the living room. We put him down again and he didn't fall asleep until 10:00. Then he was awake at 4:30. When I went in he gave me a big smile and said "Up!" indicating he was ready to get up for the day. AHHHHHHHH!

Oh, well, here is why it is all worth it:



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