Friday, December 11, 2009

Mighty Ducks

For those not in Grand Rapids, let me share with you that there has been a blizzard here the last few days. Realizing that we would be snowed in and having my brother Nate back in town, we decided to pack up and head to my dad's for a couple of days and enjoy the winter storm all together.

Well, while we were there, Michael found a new kind of movie. He has always loved watching music DVDs and cartoon movies but Uncle Nate showed him one of his first real people actor movies so to speak - The Mighty Ducks. Boy did Michael have a blast with this movie. He bounced around on the couch yelling and cheering for all of the hockey scenes like they were real games. While we were there he saw movies 1 and 2 and can't wait to go back and see #3 sometime soon!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Presents at Thanksgiving

Since we have extended family in so many different places we have started a tradition where we visit one side of the family for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas. This also lets us relax a bit more during the holidays and not try to be two places in one weeks time. So this year was Thanksgiving with the Haigs. We got the boys up at 4:30am on Tuesday that week and we arrived at Tim's grandma's house in New Jersey at 7:30 that evening. Besides being a really long trip it went well. I think Jon only whined for about 15 minutes the whole way!
We had a blast there with everyone. Even Sarah from China and Anne from South Africa were able to make it. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with beautiful live music from the family in the evening. And then we celebrated Christmas. Yes, you heard me right. Since we won't see them all for Christmas we shared our gifts with them and they had gifts for us too. One of these years Michael and Jon are going to be shocked to find out that giving Christmas presents is not a traditional Thanksgiving event.