Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh where oh where can I find routine

I just visited my own blog (here) and noticed that the last post was July 7. If I don't write soon that will be two months and that is just way to long!
I love summer time. It always means vacations and times away from my normal day to day routine. However, I like coming back from vacations too and seeing my old life again. When I'm on vacation I have such a hard time getting anything done. I fall behind on the house work, barely keep up with laundry, forget about my devotional time, feel lazy a lot, and obvious don't post on my blog. I feel now, like we have been on vacation for a long time and unfortunately don't see a way back to my old routine for months. We have now sold our house in PA, moved to MI, spent over a month living with my wonderful parents, moved into our rental house for the year, visited the cottage, taken a summer course, celebrate both boys birthdays, taken a trip to Canada, and so much more - it has been a packed summer. Now we are looking towards fall. However, Tim is going to be subbing and taking classes online this fall and so his schedule is going to be up in the air each day depending on if he gets a sub job that day. I'm going to be taking two classes at Calvin and trying to fit in time to do homework on the days Tim is home without work. I feel like we are going to be on a day to day schedule all fall and I'm not really looking forward to it. I need to find some way to make a routine for it. I need to get my daily life back!!! :)