Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Baby Moving

So many people tell me that they either hated being pregnant or absolutely loved it. For me, I really don't have that strong of a feeling about it. With Michael I felt fine with being pregnant but didn't figure I'd miss anything about it. For the most part I was right, but then I started missing the feeling of a baby moving inside. OK, let me back up:
The first week or two that I felt Michael moving around inside my belly, I was intrigued, but pretty weirded out. It was like having an alien inside you. It was real that there was a live being, separate from me, living inside me. Then I got use to it and started to really enjoy feeling him move.
This time around I'm absolutely in love with it! What an amazing blessing that God has placed a life inside of me. Every time I feel him move, I'm reminded of how much I already love him so much. I just love feeling him and know that he is doing well and growing strong.

And did you catch the pronoun? Yes, we found out that the new baby is a boy! We are so excited about it and hope that he and Michael will be great friends. The only time it freaks me out is when I see a rerun of Home Improvement and realize we have the potential to be like that some day. :)

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I am so glad things are going well with your pregnancy. I, too, am not a huge fan of pregnancy, but don't hate it either. And yes, my favourite part was feeling the baby move. I felt like I had an incredibly special bond with the baby no one else could ever have.