Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm in love

I have lots of fingerprints and marks on the walls of my house - well I did. I'm sure you will tell me as I would tell others, "When you have children, that's just what happens." I have tried all sorts of soaps and sprays to clean them with very little success. I had recently resigned myself to live with them until we repainted or something. When this man came into my life:

These magic erasers are amazing. Put a little water on them and scrub and fingerprints and marks just disappear. It was addicting.... Each time I tried to stop, I saw the line of clean wall which made the uncleaned wall look all the more dirty. I have found that it also works great to take scum off the shower walls and tub. Wow - I'm in love.

One caution, I have heard that some children have shown up at the hospital with chemical burns from these things, so don't try to clean your children with them! And you might want to be careful if you let them use it too.

So while this whole cleaning frenzy was going on, Michael kept pointing to the box and saying, "What is that." I told him it was Mr. Clean and when the question was repeated, that it was a special cleaning sponge. This conversation repeated for 10 minutes or so before Michael said, "No Mommy, his legs!" I couldn't help but laugh. We settled on the fact that Mr. Clean's legs were hiding which mildly satisfied him although he kept looking strangely at the man.

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sunnyviolas said...

Hey this is Victoria! Oh my goodness, those Magic Erasers really are magic! I've used them too and they really are amazing. They're just one of those products that you want to tell everyone about, so I can understand your blog. :)