Friday, October 17, 2008


Jonathan has almost lost his newbornness. The tiny arms, legs, nose, and fingers are filling out into squeezable, cuddly baby chub. The "I'm lost in a new word" cries have morphed into "I know what I want and I want it now" screams. And the blank stares are being replaced by smiles, coos, and inquisitive looks.

I know that many of you see these changes especially pronounced because you don't get to see him very often, and every time you do he is in a new stage of development it seems. But sometimes it feels that way for me too - babies go through so many changes in the time period when parents are so sleep deprived they don't always know when one day begins and another ends. After a night of getting up every couple hours I seem to make it through the following day in a daze, enough aware to make sure the boys are safe and cared for, but not enough for much more. Then Jonathan will bless me by sleeping 8-10 hours and I will wake up with new life and wonder where the time went. Jonathan is now almost 3 months old and loosing that newbornness.

And not to leave Michael out, he is growing too. Every couple of weeks he looks taller to me - is able to see over and reach more and more things around the house. He is participating in big kids worship now at church with a love and excitement for praise songs that can often put his parents to shame. He is learning letters and numbers and learned to use scissors the other day.

You can see updated pictures of my big boys here:

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