Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And it continues

To tag onto yesterday's post: I spent the morning looking into car insurance for our new car. We were planning on checking a quote with the company we had our old cars insured with and the company that insures our house. As I was looking through the paperwork, I was having a hard time understanding all of the different coverages and amounts, so I ventured online for some help. I ended up at the Geico site - they really do make it "so easy a cave man can do it" by the way. There they had explanations of all of the coverage options. To get a feel for things I started plugging in the numbers from our old car coverage and then playing with the amounts to see how they affect the price. And I ended up with what seemed like an extremely low quote. So I called to talk to a "real human." He pulled up my quote and he started laughing because he couldn't believe it was so low, but told me it was true. He said it's cheaper than he gets for an older car with his employee discount. He just kept laughing dumbfounded at the price throughout our phone conversation. So, we have our new car covered with very high coverage now for $200 for 6 months. God is SSOO GOOD!

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Sam Williamson said...

Wow! We should look into that. That's unreal!