Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some picture updates

Yah! Jon who has been refusing to take a bottle, is finally learning to drink from a cup! He actually adapted to it fairly quickly once I starting remembering to offer it him on a daily basis. I hope that this will come in handy during our upcoming move when finding a quite nurse might be next to impossible.

Check out this cool shot! Michael who last summer decided that he was deathly afraid of slides has resigned himself to the fact that they really might be fun! He loves the play area at the zoo and especially this slide. By the way, if you have children and are in the Pittsburgh area, the zoo here is a must - it has got to be one of the top zoos for children. Amazing play areas and a path around to see all the animals that isn't too long or too short.

On this trip to the zoo, Michael was allowed to take our old camera along to take his own pictures. He was so proud of himself. Which reminds me, I haven't downloaded the pictures from that camera yet. It will be fun to see if any of the animals actually made it into the shots!

Michael is getting ready for a hair cut. After we wet his hair he wanted it up like the "spiky fish." (Reference to a porcupine like fish in Super Mario World.)

Well, Jon is now standing up on his own. He cruises around furniture and lets go all the time. However, whenever we try to get him to take a step, he just falls to the ground and crawls to us with a giggle. Maybe that is for the better. He already gets into everything (see further down) and walking can really only lead to even more trouble!

Michael has been begging to go golfing, so we took a family trip to the driving range and mini golf course. While Michael is actually pretty good on his own (for a three year old at least), he did get some lessons from Dad.

Jon got to take a ride on my back for the day. This carrier worked great, although Jon still found ways to get his arms free and scare me that he might topple over or something. He was very happy to be hanging out with the family, which is his favorite thing to do!

Michael is still very addicted to cup stacking and we are trying to find a way to get him to a couple of official tournaments this year. Check out this link for some videos!

Just an amazing adorable face!

Michael love to practice his basketball. Here he is dribbling. I think he can get three dribbles in a row now!

And here is Jon getting into trouble. He fascinated with doors right now - they close and they open, oh my!

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I love all of these action shots!