Friday, February 5, 2010

Michael's understanding of the world

Had a few more cute 4 year old stories recently that I wanted to share:

1. If you read some of my recent posts you know that Michael brought home a gold fish from preschool. In the parking lot we had a discussion about how sometimes fish don't live very long. Michael took it all in and thought for a while before telling me that when fish die they just go away, they don't go to heaven. I asked him who told him this and he said, "No one, I just figured it out for myself." I of course then get visions of a parent calling me one day irate that Michael just dashed the hopes of some poor classmate who just lost a family pet. As it turns out, it was the other way around. Our fish died yesterday after refusing to eat for 2 weeks and today at lunch Michael tells me that one of his classmates had a fish die too, and this kid said that the fish was up in heaven. It seems Michael is reconsidering his theological revelation.

2. Michael has been into pretending a lot recently. The other day he had his play-doh out and was pretending he was a cook at a restaurant. I was talking with him about it all and this was the story he came up with: He had started working at Steak n Shake for three years but then he got too big and too old to work there so he switched to Chili's. He has been cooking there for six years and four months. When I commented that that was a long time he replied, "I know - they haven't traded me!"

3. Over the past week and a half the boys have had bad colds and been up a lot at night. To separate them, Michael slept on a mattress on the floor of our bedroom for two nights. One night he half woke up screaming as if in the middle of a nightmare. I tried to calm him down and ask what happened and he blurted out, "I wanted to have something else for lunch!" Apparently that is nightmare worthy in the life of a four year old. :)

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