Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jon!

Today Jon is two years old. We tried to sing "Happy Birthday" to him this morning and he just screamed "NO" and ran away. Apparently even at two getting older can be a bit scary. We actually had a party for him on Sunday with family. It was a joint birthday party for Jon and my dad and we had a blast!

Last week Michael had talked me into party blowers for the great event. I thought Jon would get a kick out of them since they had Lightning McQueen on them, but I'm not sure he even noticed that - he was having too much fun blowing them.
Party blower

We had delicious brownies and ice cream that were a big hit!
Teaching Jon to blow out candles


And then Jon got to open his presents. He was a bit overwhelmed as we took each present away after he opened it and Michael kept bringing him more presents to open. I think he would have rather got one or two presents and been allowed to play with them right away. lol Oh well, I'm sure big brother Michael will teach Jon about the importance of having lots of presents by next year. :)
Jon's present

Here are a few of his favorite presents:
My dad made him a wooden school bus full of little people.
School bus present

And we found a toy lawn mower at a garage sale this summer. We couldn't get the bubble blower in it to work, but Jon had a blast pushing it around the yard. I think he was entertained by it for about an hour after the party.
Lawn mowing

We even got Michael a present for the day so they could have matching sun glasses.

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!

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