Saturday, April 9, 2011


Contrary to what my blog might show, we were alive in March, things just got very busy! So I thought I'd give you a few March highlights:

On March 12 we all went to a cup stacking tournament. Tim and Michael did great and set many records. :)

Jon and Becca also had fun playing around, although it is a bit difficult for them to stay entertained for the whole day.

Unfortunately our day ended with Jon getting sick and throwing up. I still think it was related to the fact that the only things he ate that day were a donut, fruitsnacks, sprite, and chips. (I know, how horrible of a mom can I be - but those are the joys of being the second kid.) It made for quite a long trip home that night since we had to keep stopping to clean things up.

When we stopped for dinner we got take out and ate in the car. Poor Jon had to just sit there and watch us eat, saying he was hungry. However, his stomach wasn't even keeping water down so no food or shake for him. :(

After dinner we had to stop a few more times for Jon. Eventually he was in his last "clean" set of clothes. I say "clean" but really we had gone through those earlier in the afternoon and were now on the last set of clothes that I had pulled out of the dirty suitcase. Finally we just decided it was better to keep driving because then he would fall asleep, so I bundled him with a blanket and we just went. (Again, not sure I qualify for the best mom award not stopping to clean him up, but in my defense there was really nothing much left in his stomach so he wasn't that dirty anymore and he did much better once he fell asleep.

We also took the training wheels off Michael's bike in March. He had a rough start but is really getting better at going on his own - he just needs to get his confidence up. The other day he was riding and falling every few yards. I kept trying to tell him that he just needed to make small adjustments turning his handle bars to stay up. We finally found out that he was falling on purpose because he wanted to make sure he could fall safely before he tried to go far.

For another cup event, Tim and Michael got to do a demonstration at his school for a school assembly. The gym teacher is doing a unit on speed stacking with the kids right now and she wanted to show them what fast looked like. The kids all had a blast. Tim got the students involved by shouting out some things along the way. I laughed though because it always surprises me how differently that goes in a small Christian school compared to the larger public school I taught in. After yelling LOUD the kids settled right down quietly to watch and listen - amazing! Of course it probably helped that they were fascinated watching Michael stack. They even got to cheer him on as he beat Tim in a head to head cycle stack.

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Michele said...

"We finally found out that he was falling on purpose." ha ha ha! That's Michael!