Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tournament Weekend

We went to the Indiana sport stacking tournament this weekend. It was Jon's first tournament where he got to stack and boy did he shine!!! We prepped him a lot because the tournament is all about going through the routine of two practices and three attempts at the same pattern, and we all know that Jon would rather mix things up and not follow routine. However, he has been playing with Michael's trophies for weeks now and talking about getting his own at a tournament so we wanted to let him shine.

When he went up to the table with the refs he was totally focused and excited to be there. When he saw that people in the stands were clapping and cheering for him he couldn't stop smiling and wanted to compete again and again and again. And when they gave him his medals he was simply giddy!

We have videos that will be coming quickly but here are some pictures from the day:

Michael and Jon stacked doubles together. Here is them in prelims. They made the top ten in the 7 and under division so they got to go on to finals. Our finals started a bit shaky though. When their group was called Jon decided that he wanted to use the green cups instead of the purples they had been practicing with. Michael felt that since they were doing good with the purples they should stick with them. This sent Jon crying. When I suggested to Michael that maybe they should switch for Jon he was crying too. So there I was (Tim was doing his stacking at the time) with two crying boys who were suppose to be reporting to the stacking table and holding a 2 year old who only wanted to get down and RUN! Some wonderfully sweet gentleman asked if I needed help, but I didn't think he'd really be able to do anything. After taking a break with the boys they settled on using the green cups (thanks to Michael being a fabulous big brother) and reported in with my apologies for them being late. Then I went off to tape Tim and came back to check on the boys just before their turn to find them both squirming saying they had to go to the bathroom. So off we were as fast as we could (poor Becca still in tow) and made it back just in time. They had two major fumbles but ended with a 23 seconds for their third attempt which if clean should give them a Michigan record together!

Then Tim had a blast doing parent-child doubles with each of the boys. Michael and Tim made the finals and came home with a first place in the event.

And here is Jon super excited to show off his 1st place in the 4 and under division in the 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and cycle. He brought them to church today and told anyone who would listen about them. Michael had the fun of meeting another 6 year old boy about as fast as him. They had a ton of fun hanging out together, but it meant that he only got one first place out of the three individual events.

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