Thursday, April 5, 2012

What has been going on with Jon and Becca

It is spring break week for us and I fully anticipated being able to get a ton of things done including posting to the blog again. I have been getting a ton of homework done which is a good thing, but I've spent the rest of the time pretty much crashed and unable to motivate myself. Part of this is just pure exhaustion from the crazy schedule I've been living for the last month and a half (2 more weeks and it will settle down some). Part of my crashing is also due to the fact that I did get out for two hours of yard work earlier this week and I'm now paying for it with a horrible allergy attack. But enough about me - on to Jon and Becca per the title of this post.

I uploaded pictures from my camera to share with you and here is what I found:

Jon is still on a high from the tournament and constantly asks when he can go to another tournament. While waiting, he often amuses himself by playing with the trophies. Often they are on teams and they fight each other.

He also stacks ALL THE TIME. He has recently got his first 15 second cycle (which is officially the fasted I've ever gone too).

Becca has been loving wearing dresses so she can spin around and have them swish. And it usually ends with an "we all fall down!"

Jon and Becca have both adored the water table outside too. They play all sweet together as shown here in the picture, but they also pour water on their heads and take cups full to "water" my weeds.

Even when inside Becca loves to wear shoes, especially her or her brothers' clogs. She is so proud that she can get them on by herself without any help. And sometimes she prefers just one.

Becca has also been getting into a ton of trouble (as any real 2 year old will). Today I caught her carrying the salt around the house. When I told her she had to leave the salt on the table - that it was not a toy, she burst into tears. She proceeded to talk a mile a minute (I couldn't understand any of it) and then to motion and pull me towards this. Apparently the animals had requested salt on their dinners.

So why you might ask isn't Michael in this post? He is rarely inside these days, spending hours shooting hoops and playing t-ball outside. And with my a fore mentioned allergies I'm not outside much with my camera. :) Oh and he did go to the world championships. Check Tim's youtube channel for some videos!

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Michele said...

Thanks for the updates! I can't believe how big Jon is getting!