Friday, November 2, 2012


Last week Tim's precious grandfather past away.  He was 88 and the last surviving great grandfather for our kids.  They called him GG-Pa as a nickname for GreatGrandpa and I do think he was very fond of that name.  We tried to get out to visit at least once a year which was always a treat.  Grandpa and Sandy would take us to adorable cafes or pizza parlors and once the kids were old enough ice cream shops.  In fact, Michael had his first restaurant meal of a grilled cheese sandwich with them, followed by some delectable bites of cheese cake that he fell in love with shortly before his first birthday.  Then there was often a walk around Central Park or some time visiting in their apartment.

As we always try to get some good pictures when we visit, I thought it would be fun to share some of the scrapbooking pages I've done with those treasured pictures.

There was a memorial service that was originally scheduled for Tuesday but postponed to Thursday because of the weather.  Tim was hoping to go, but because airport traffic and public transportation were still so unreliable still it did not work out.  Sandy, we are so sorry that we could not be there to give you a big hug.  You are in our prayers and we hope to be able to see you again soon.

We loved you GG-Pa and will miss you greatly.

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