Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Days

So with all of the snow we've had an amazing run of snow days.  Back at Christmas our Christmas break was bookended by one snow day before and two after.  Then last week we finished a string of a full week of snow days.  We had snow days on Thursday, Friday, (the weekend), Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The first Thursday we had a friend from our church small group come and play so her parents could still go to work.  I was so excited to get them all outside, but it only lasted about 10 minutes before they were too cold to come in.

Come in for a snack and a movie. :)

So with the cold temperatures we did a lot of inside playing.  One day we got out a bunch of legos and duplos and did some fun creative play.

The boys also did a lot of stacking getting ready for this coming season.

And Becca has been into doing her "homework" which is workbooks I've picked up for her.

Tim spent much of the break rebuilding his computer.  For his birthday we had order a bunch of parts for our super old Windows XP computer and they arrived just in time for some snow day fun.  My wonderfully gifted husband (with the help of youtube videos) took apart and rebuilt the computer and I'm happy to say that it turned on and worked great the first time!  So he and the kids have been spending a lot of time playing minecraft and starting some minecraft video recording on it.

I did get the boys to forgo the new machine for the old video games once.  The last time they played MarioKart together Jon didn't do so well.  This time I smiled when I heard Michael say, "Wow, Jon, your actually pretty good."

As you can imagine things soon got a little crazy all cooped up in the house.  Finally, when the weather got up to a balmy 8 degrees we forced the kids outside.

A couple of minutes later I found Jon wading through the snow to get to the back door to let me know that ....

Becca's boot and sock had come off and gotten stuck in the snow.

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