Monday, June 8, 2015

Two Wheeling

We have been telling Becca since the end of last summer that she s capable of riding her two wheel bike without training wheels.  She has not felt that way.  However, a couple of weeks ago we decided to force the issue and take her training wheels off her bike.  She parlayed by riding our scooter instead of her bike.  I tried showing her videos of friends and other girls her age on 2 wheel bikes.  The only one she seemed interested in was one family who had take the pedals off the bike to make it a balance bike.  So we tried that.  And she got good at that.

Well, I reasoned, now is the time.  She can balance and has all the necessary skills, she just doesn't believe it yet.  So I put the pedals back on and we spent the morning off and on in tears while Mom gave her no other options of what she could do.  What finally worked was telling her that for however long that day she practiced riding her bike she could then watch video games.  So back and forth we went: bike, ipad, bike, ipad.  And by the evening:

Now she love it!  She goes out every day to ride her two wheel and is working hard to get fast and steady enough that Dad says she can ride her bike with the family to McDonalds for ice cream some evening.

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