Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jonathan and eating

Jonathan now has a food repertoire of 5 thing: breastmilk, rice cereal, sweet potato, applesauce, and today, oatmeal. He of course loves the milk the best! But is also enjoying the solids. Unlike his brother, though, he does not seem fascinated by new flavors. Every time we introduced Michael to something new to eat he made a "disgusted - what was that face" and then fell in love and begged for more. Each new flavor was better than the last.
Jon on the other hand, seems to enjoy new foods, but really only wants a couple of bites of them. His favorite solid so far is the very bland and blander rice cereal. When we give him anything else he eats a couple bites and then just looses interest. With the rice cereal, he eats and eats and begs for more making happy screeches and squeals all the while. I'm not really sure what that means for him, that he prefers the boring to the fun new tastes but.... maybe he's just loyal to his first love! :)

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