Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Michael's Heart

So last Thursday was Michael's valentine party at preschool. He got to write his name on 16 valentine cards and pass out treats. I guess they also made hearts out of some type of clay material and let them dry over the weekend. Yesterday, Michael came home with his:

Now before you all tell me that he's a bit slow because this really looks nothing like a heart, I think he's just well advanced for his age. It does look remarkably like the heart muscle in the body!

ETA: Michael calls it his "fancy heart." While we were on vacation in Jan we ate at Friendly's which has a cursive capital F in their logo. Michael wanted to know what letter Friendly's started with and when I told him "F" he looked at me with the "you're crazy" look, explaining that it didn't look like an F. So I was trying to explain cursive to him and we ended up settling on calling it a "Fancy F." So now, whenever he writes a letter or does anything and it doesn't end up looking right, Michael refers to it as "fancy."

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kristen lorenze said...

I was just thinking that!! It does look like a real heart with aorta and everything! lol.