Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Successful Thanksmas

The DeJong family has coordinated so that each year we spend either Thanksgiving or Christmas all together and the other holiday we all go and spend with our in-laws. On years like this one where we are scheduled for Thanksgiving together we actually do full holiday weekend that incorporates Thanksgiving and Christmas which we have named Thanksmas. This year was a great one!

We all gathered at Dad's house for Thanksgiving. Andy and Hillary (or I should probably say Hillary (with some help from Andy)) were in charge of the meal. No, they didn't draw the short straw, they actually claimed it last July. So we all kindly stayed out of their way, although I did end up peeling a few potatoes, and they worked for 5 hours in the kitchen.

When we all gathered to sit it was the first year we no longer all fit at one table. There were ten adults, 3 kids, and 3 babies. So the babies who were awake sat in a high chair or booster seat removed from the table, and Michael and Cody sat at a small desk in the kitchen.

The meal was delicious! I love Thanksgiving food. Perfect turkey, creamy mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole, green beans with almonds, stuffing that turned out great with apples, cranberries, and of course gravy to cover it all!

Michele, Emily, and I fed our babies early and headed out at 6:00 for some shopping. We drove east of Lansing to an outlet mall and hit the deals. I left with clothes for every member of my family and the last Thanksmas present I was in need of for Jon. And we got to spend some great girl time without kids.

Then Grandpa and Michael went out and got a Christmas tree and we spent the afternoon decorating the house for Christmas.

Saturday (Christmas!):
Tim and I were in charge of a Christmas brunch, so I started the day with a trip to Meijer. Then we made egg scrambles, pancakes, french toast, and friut salad. This was followed by Christmas presents. Michael got a new football and video game. Jon got some Thomas trains and Buzz and Woody from toy story. Becca got a new snugglie and her first baby doll (although she slept through the whole present unwrapping session and her brothers got to open all of her gifts).

The adults then did a gift exchange. We had a white elephant style game but we bought all fun and "nice" gifts. Tim and I ended up with some poker chips, Phase 10 twist, and some great snacks. Michael of course thought we had hit the perfect jackpot! lol

It turned out to be a good thing that the kids all got some new presents because they are all sick this week so we have been shut up in the house. :(

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