Saturday, January 1, 2011

Home again home again jiggity jig

Well maybe not "jiggity jig" but we are back home after a week + in Boston for Christmas. We had an absolute blast! The grandparents, aunts and uncle spoiled our kiddos with so much attention and love and we all had so much fun. Here are some snapshots of the week:

On Christmas day the kids got stockings first thing in the morning. While the family all said that they would not get up too early for presents, most of them seemed to join us for the stockings by 7:30 am. The joy of kids opening stocking Christmas morning was just too tempting for them all.

After everyone was dressed it was on to presents. Michael and Jon had so much fun with the opening of presents. As they were handed out they went from person to person asking if they needed help opening the present. They quickly got their hands on almost every piece of wrapping.

And of course their was the fun of being ooohed over by the great grandmas that day too.
Great Grandma

Great-Grandma and Sue

Another fun activity for the week was making and decorating and of course eating Christmas cookies.
Cookie cutting

Decorating cookies

But all things must come to an end and we are now back at home to start off the new year. I asked Michael what his favorite thing was about going to Boston for Christmas. He thought for a minute and said, "I can tell you what wasn't my favorite - coming home." While the kids really do well in the car, the trip was certainly too long for anyone's liking. On the way back we stopped over in New York to see Tim's grandfather and then spent the night in New Jersey before continuing the next day. So this meant 8 hours traveling Thursday and 14 hours on Friday. The worst was probably the over 2 hours it took us to get out of Manhattan which according to Google maps was 3.3 miles.

Back home today, though, everyone was happy to be here. Tim and I were thankful to have our own bed last night instead of an air mattress. Michael and Jon were happy to play with toys that have been untouched for a week - most noticeably their football. They played "Hut Hike" a lot today which as Michael explains is, "Just like football but called hut hike." It consists of Michael holding the football, yelling "hut hike" and running at Jon who tries to grab him and pull him to the floor. Then they both start laughing and start the process all over again.

Becca was thrilled to have space to crawl around where someone wasn't always stopping her from touching everything. It is amazing how much she can progress in just a week. Prior to our trip she has been trying for weeks to crawl inside our coffee table, and this morning she succeeded. I of course left her fussing about getting stuck to go and grab the camera. Here she is:

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