Friday, January 21, 2011

My sweet babies

OK, so I never thought I'd be that mom but there are times that I can't believe my babies are growing up. I've always been excited for the new milestones and the new stages in life and I absolutely love how my kiddos are growing, but at times.... Here are a few of my rambling thoughts and some recent pictures of the best "babies" in the world.

Michael: We are getting ready to sign him up for Kindergarten - when did that happen. He is going to be going to school all day, but lucky for me only three days a week next year. I never thought I'd want to home school. I love teaching a big class and I love the experiences of the classroom for my kids. However, with only one in school I'm already feeling a bit of the school business, especially since Michael likes to play sports after school too. I can't imagine how busy things will get with all three in school and trying to manage after school activities. When will we ever have family time? I'm starting to wish that the part time school that Michael is doing now could last for many more years. Oh and on top of all that, Michael has lost his third baby tooth now!
Crazy Hair Day
Crazy Hair Day

Boxing (Notice the missing tooth, but no, it didn't happen here.)
Michael the boxer

Jon: He is leaning to play - he can entertain himself for hours with cars, dinosaurs, cars, music, cars, puzzles, and did I say cars? He is our social one and we are thinking he might enjoy preschool next year (that is if we can get him potty trained which he is adamantly against at the moment). Part of me thinks that because he is still in diapers I can still think of him as a baby, but we are already getting out 3T clothes for him and he is now talking in full sentences and paragraphs and has very strong opinions about his life to communicate. No longer can I just dress him, take him places, offer him food to eat, and pick out toys and expect him to just go along. Thankfully he is still a cuddler and will come up and say "I want snuggle Mom."
Playing guitar like daddy
Budding guitar player

How did he get so daring?
Daring Jon

Becca: Poor little Rebecca has been sick this week with a bad cold. A couple of times at night she has been crying and not able to breath well with her stuffy nose. I've gone into her room and picked her up. We sit and rock and she snuggles down in, calms, and falls asleep in my arms. I realize how safe that must feel for her. I am her everything right now - I feed her, clothe her, hold her, love her, play with her, everything. That makes me feel exceedingly special. But soon that will begin to change, most noticeably because we are getting ready to wean her next month. Now I have never loved nursing. I feel that it is important and I'm very proud of making it almost a full year with all three kids. I never thought I say this, but a small part of me is going to miss it. I worked soooo hard to overcome so many troubles early on and stuck with it even when it was tough and I felt like quitting. If it turns out that we don't have another baby, I may be closing the door on this part of my life next month. How do my babies get so big so fast?

Becca can pretty much get anywhere she wants

Here is her funny scrutchy nose face she makes to get us to smile and laugh
Crinkly nose face

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