Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jon in pink

I must start by saying that Jon and Becca have been wearing the same size cloth diapers for a while now. Mostly this makes my life much easier since I don't need to keep their diapers separate. I did, however, purchase some pink and purple diapers a couple of months ago for Becca, because after two boys I'm loving the girly stuff. When given the choice the other day, Jon picked out a pink diaper. He looked at me like he wasn't sure he was allowed and asked, "Pink?" Now I've never told him he couldn't wear it but we have just avoided them for him up until now. So I sat there for a minute with the parental dilemma: Do I let my kid express his independence or encourage him to conform to social customs so he doesn't get laughed at? I decided I didn't want to force gender stereotypes on my child (helped along by the fact that he is still too young for people to really tease him for it now).

And now I have a great picture to save for his wedding!


Michele said...

I am cracking up at this. What a cutie.

Michele said...
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