Friday, January 28, 2011

Two and Half

We officially have a two and a half year old in the house now (or as I like to think of it - we are half way through the terrible twos). Yesterday was Jon's half birthday. Michael was very set on us making him a cake, but as we are not big cake eaters (I find myself eating it just so it won't go bad) I talked Jon into brownies. I made them while he was napping and we had them for a snack as soon as Tim got home from work. This was the first time Jon was really able to blow candles out on his own which he thought was great!

Afterwards we went to Chuckie Cheese for dinner and fun. Jon is really getting to the age where he can get into the games there. He likes the popcorn catcher, is afraid of the hit the sharks as they pop up game, and tries with all his might to shoot hoops. His favorites, though are the slide and the race car driving. He needs a parent to sit in the play area half way up the steps because they are too big for him to get up on his own but he is thrilled each time he goes down the windy slide. And as for the racing, he has more fun "playing" the demo. The great thing is that this makes his favorite two things free!

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