Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The rooster

Michael loves to sing. His Sunday School teacher says that they sorely miss him when he isn't there because he inspires the others to sing louder (probably so they can be heard over him). She is quoted as saying, "OK everyone, you need to sing louder. Michael you are doing just fine."

However he is 5 and he doesn't always get the lyrics right. My favorite right now is the line "Shout it loud from the rooftops" from David Crowder Band. It comes out, "Shout it loud like a rooster!"

Of course there are times when he does get the line right and I wish he wouldn't. One of his favorite CDs to listen to in the car is by Common Shiner - a band that Tim was a founding member of back in his bachelor years. The line Michael says is his favorite - a belts it out over and over is "If this whiskey doesn't kill me then you surely will." My hope is that it stays in the car and doesn't get repeated at preschool....

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Michele said...

I am dying laughing at Michael's Sunday School teacher's comment. Go Michael go!!