Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cup Stacking 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was writing what was suppose to be our family Christmas letter and was obviously a New Years letter by then. (If you would like to read it go here.) When we looked back on our year we realized how much of it related to cup stacking. I guess that is becoming our family thing. Instead of turning into a "soccer mom" I'm becoming a "stacking mom" traipsing my family all over the country to cup stacking tournaments. Tim and Michael already hold records and Jon almost has the cycle completely figured out before 2.5 years old. Even Becca loves the cups and comes crawling as soon as she hears the boys at work.

Well now we are getting ready for cup stacking season and the cups are flying every day. Here is Michael's current at the speed of lightning video. The full cycle took him less than 9 seconds. I'm pretty sure I've never done it that fast.

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Andrew DeJong said...

It looks like that video was sped up, but I know it wasn't. Pretty soon, you'll need a high speed camera to catch his hands!