Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh the questions

My two year old is driving me crazy. You'd think I'd remember how to parent a two year old since I did it three years ago, but I guess the details get foggy with added age and pregnancies. Jon talks nonstop, mostly asking me questions. "What this, mo-eee?" (Mo-eee is mommy without the middle consonant sound.) "Where daddy?" "I play I pad?"

My least favorite is this question conversation that we seem to have at least twice and hour:
Jon: Where daddy?
Me: Daddy is at work.
Jon: Daddy work?
Me: Yes, daddy is at work.
Jon: Oh, daddy work.
Jon after a short pause: Where daddy? (with a giggle)

To top it all off, Jon has been deciding that he doesn't want to take naps this week. After a few minutes in bed he starts yelling asking if he can get up. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to get him to stop yelling, no matter how much I assure him that it is still nap time, so it is either let him get up or let him wake up his sleeping little sister. Yesterday I let him get up, so my nap time hour was even filled with the constant questions. Ahhhh!

I think that someone should invent an answer doll - a toy that could answer my son's questions for him. Since we seem to hold the exact same conversations each day I would just need to program the doll to recognize the question and give the appropriate answer - in fact, Jon would probably get a kick out of an incorrect answer too since his sense of humor is developing so fun.

Then instead of "wait for dad" I could say, "go ask the doll."

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Michele said...

You know, they do have stuffed animals that come with a microchip so that you can program them to say the kids name... this could work!