Saturday, October 22, 2011

God Sees My Future

I was totally inspired by the October Shutterbug challenge over at 9th and Bloom - a digital scrapbooking site. You can check the challenge out here.

The challenge was to be selective in what you focused on in a picture, choosing something that may not be the most obvious or normal for the shot but really helps to tell the story. Here are a couple from the challenge:

I love the focus on the kid taking the picture and having the camera in the foreground out of focus.

Then there was this cool one focusing on the raindrops on the window. You can still make out the thermometer but I wouldn't have really paid any attention to the rain drops if they weren't the focus.

Here is the one I took to show the flower blossoms still out in the fall.

All of this inspired me to put together this mini layout too:

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