Friday, October 21, 2011

The weather outside is frightful!

OK, at least it is not snowing yet, but we have had rain and highs in the 40s for the last couple of days. While this means I've actually gotten some housework done, it also means that the kids have been stuck in the house. They tell me they have nothing to do, but I assure you that we do have a house FULL of toys. Sometimes in fact I think that maybe our problem is that we have too many options for the kids that everything looses a bit of the glamour.

So how do we pass our time? How about a kitchen table tent!

Or maybe some barnyard singing and dancing.

When I got this barn out, the kids played with it for a few minutes before figuring out that it made animal noises and played music. After pushing buttons for a while, Jon all of a sudden jerked his head towards me and grinned. "That's Old McDonald!" The first couple of times he sang along he waited and just sang on the "EIEIO"s. We have been working on the other words too.

Becca, as many of you know, loves music too, only she is the dancer in the family. I find her dancing along almost every time we turn music on. In fact, she dances a lot even when music is not playing, sometimes humming to herself. I think she has music playing in her head most of the day like her dad.

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