Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We have a jar that we keep in the kitchen that collects loose change.  Michael had it out the other day to count it since they spent the last couple weeks at school learning about money.  Now, Jon and Becca want to play with it all the time.  And of course I'm thrilled to find something "educational" for them to play with that keeps their attention and keeps them out of trouble.

So being the brilliant mom that I am, when Becca asked at first to play with the money I had visions of me on the floor 20 times a day picking up all the coins.  So I got out some baking pans and it worked great.  The two of them will sit and dump the money into the pan and then slowly put them back in the jar (or the cup I got out to supplement because sharing the jar didn't work so well).  Then it all gets dumped out again.  What fun for preschoolers!

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Michele said...

Great idea! We are totally going to do this!