Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Catch Up 1

Wow.  We are now back in the "real" world.  We have been on and off of vacation for the last two months and in and our of internet connections.  However, we are back home and ready to cherish the last few weeks of summer vacation.  For you all, I will spend this week catching you up on our summer.

The first trip we took was to Toronto, Ontario to see some wonder friends and to attend a stacking tournament.  Jon and Michael had a blast at the tournament and introducing our friends and their three young sons to sport stacking.  They won lots of medals at the tournament and held mini tournaments at our friends' house all weekend.

If you didn't catch it, our friends Julie and Kevin have three great boys as mentioned above, but they also have a sweet daughter one year older than Becca.  We had a couple of changes that weekend to have some mini girls parties.

Here are the ladies hanging out in the bath together.

Followed by some fun coloring, mostly using purple.

And don't forget a tea party

with some great dollies

and some pretend tea for the ladies too.

However, when all you have are brothers to play with most of the time, why not spend some time in the comfort of car racing too.

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