Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Catch Up 3

Our second summer trip was three weeks out east.  Week one was spent in New Jersey with Tim's Grandmother and Aunt Sue.  However, we also took time that week to head back to Sesame Place.  As last year, this place was so much fun for us all.

Favorites again included the flying Elmo fish

and Big Bird's balloon ride.

Jon also fell in love with the big trampoline.  Poor Becca though was so overwhelmed that she just sat down and cried.  (That is her in the middle with the blue striped shirt.)  It took me a couple of minutes standing on the side lines to encourage her enough to get up and come over so I could take her out.

Michael had the most fun on the roller coaster and the water slides.

We stopped by Elmo's world

and watched the big parade.  Here Jon and Becca are watching their favorite characters: Jon - Abby and Becca - Elmo

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