Tuesday, September 4, 2012

7 year old party

Last week we had Michael's birthday party for his school friends.  He wanted a soccer party so we chose to have the party right after school and at the school since there was a soccer field there.  Hard part: I had to get everything there and ready.  Easy part: it was all outside, the kids had a blast on the soccer field and playground, and everyone from his class could come since it was right at school at the end of a day.

So what do you do with 14 6-7 year old boys?  We started with some soccer ball relays and an obstacle course.  Then we had a ring toss game where they could ring a water bottle.  This was followed by cake and popsicles.  You can't tell from the picture, but this was a soccer field cake.  I picked two colors of candles to make the teams and the boys all thought it was funny that the teams were 3 on 4.

Then of course there were presents, highly concentrated around legos.

And then we set up a game of soccer.  I was so impressed at how they all played so well and stuck with it without half of them getting sick of it and wanting to stop.

Michael had a blast as did the rest of the family.  :)

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Michele said...

I suppose it helps to have two coaches for parents! Way to go!