Monday, October 22, 2012

An evening at the table

The other evening when Tim was gone for the evening I was thrilled to find that all three kiddos found something to occupy themselves with at the table for quite a while.

Michael had come home with a math game to play for homework.  In the game you draw a card and then have to take away 1 from that number (or 2 if you play the "minus 2" version) and then mark your score card with that number.  They were suppose to play it with someone in the family and we suggested that Michael teach the game to Jon.  While the game is quite easy for Michael he had fun teaching his little brother and it was just perfect for Jon who has just begun to understand subtraction.  So he wanted to play it again and again.

Becca was easy to satisfy with one of her favorite passtimes - play-doh.  Here she is rolling a play-doh ball back and forth.

And Michael had another math game from school where you roll two dice and subtract the smaller from the larger and graph the answer.  He has a running commentary going throughout the game.  "And the twos pull ahead.  But not for long because the threes are starting to make a comeback....."

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Michele said...

I like how Michael commentates his math game like its a sporting event!