Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas decorations

Putting up a Christmas tree is always a multiple day event for us.  As usual, we find an evening to go out and get the tree all together and then we get busy and one evening when Tim is working or at rehearsal I find time to decorate the tree with the kids.  Each year I promise myself that I will never decorate the tree with the kids again without a second parent around, but...

This year was no different.  I tackled the tree with the kids one evening.  I went in with Christmas joy and high hopes and left sending the kids up to bed and trying to vacuum and spread out the kid level clusters of ornaments by myself in frustration.  But in the middle we had a lot of fun!

Posing with the tree.

And every time I get the camera out they want to pose with silly faces.

The stockings were hung on the chimney stair rail with care.

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Michele said...

Looks like lots of fun (at least for the kids!) Nice tree!