Wednesday, December 19, 2012

She was like God

You know those times when you are busy with something and kids are off playing so nicely together.  Then you realize that it has been very quiet for probably too long and you go to investigate.

At one such time last week, this is what I found.

Jon and Becca had been working carefully to find toys and books from all over the house and collect them at the foot of the stairs.

Jon explained it this way:

Becca was doing something and I wanted to help.  You know how God made the world and Jesus helped?  Becca was like God, and I was like Jesus helping her.


Emily said...

That is ABSOLUTELY why my house is so's more God-like. HA!

Michele said...

Love it! You should ask him who was being the Holy Spirit!

jhaig said...

I can't wait for Jon to explain things at our house!