Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Friends

Jon and Becca have become best friends.  Jon will often crawl in Becca's bed at night to give her a kiss and tell her that she is his best friend.  It is so cute.

They have gotten into a very good routine on the days we are home.  Some days they play together really well.  This usually involves legos or animals or both.

The other day they came to me super excited to share that they had built a kitty hotel all by themselves. They begged me to come see:

When I asked where the kitties were, they showed me inside.

Another day I couldn't find them they were playing so quietly.  After some investigations (because a quiet house is usually not a good thing as any mom of young ones can tell you), this is what I found.  Can you find my kiddos?

There are days when they need there space.  Sometimes they come to this decision on their own and search out activities.  Other days this has to be imposed by mom.  Either way, though, I'm glad they are both kids that know how to play.

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