Friday, March 1, 2013

Connersville 2013

Last weekend was our first stacking tournament of the year.  We drove down to Connersville IN Friday after school and stayed in a hotel room so that we could be up and at the tournament nice and early Saturday.  All three boys in the family were going to be stacking and Becca and I were the video crew and cheering section.

We got to catch up with a friend Austin we met last year.  He is the same age as Michael and is about a full second faster than Michael in the cycle.  The two of them hooked up for doubles and in a relay.

Michael did well with his two highlights being potential world records in both of his doubles!

Jon did awesome at the tournament also.  He competed in the 6 and under age division and came in first place in all 3 stacks, including getting his first 11 second cycle that day.  He paired up with Tim and also with a 6 year old girl there to do doubles and came in 4th for both.  Jon also got to compete with some others in a fun 6 and under relay.

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