Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day At the Park

During tennis season we often go to the park by Tim's matches after school.  My kids love playing there.

Recently the boys have been playing Star Wars and this day Becca wanted to join.  Jon couldn't figure out how she could though because Princess Leia is the only girl.  She is a good guy but they were playing the bad guys.

I told Jon that maybe there were some girl bad guys and pointed out that many of them where helmets and maybe there are some girls under the helmets.  He was completely baffled by this idea and took a while to ponder this possibility.

Eventually they agreed to let her play but...

She of couse had already moved on to other things.

I simply can't believe how big these kids are getting.

I love them to pieces.

So while Tim coached his team

We were there to "watch" the match that day.

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