Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Little Hobbits

My kids have always been pretty good eaters, especially in the morning.  And then there are times when one of them will increase their eating by 200% for a week or two preceding a growth spurt.  This past month all three of them were gearing up for growth spurts.  They all started eating and eating and eating and I started getting flashes or what life might be like when they are teenagers.  Michael was eating more than I did during meals.

It got to the point where they all got up in the morning and stated "For my first cereal, I want...."  First cereals, second cereals, cereal bar, snack, second snack, lunch, ....  You get the point.

Unlike Hobbits though I guess they are now growing.  Jon proudly walked out of the bathroom the other day proudly announcing that he could turn on and off the water without using a stool.  Becca has been sitting on a stool at the table but recently sat on a chair and jabbered on and on about how tall she was and how she could see over the table better.  She also keeps announcing, "I grow bigger!" and running her pointer fingers up from her toes to the top of her head.  And Michael, who has been wearing the same size clothes for two years now, put on a pair of his jeans which barely reached his ankles.

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