Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Summer is full of our children's birthdays.  First up in July Jon turned 5.  When asked what he wanted for his birthday his response as always was "more cars."  So the highlight of his birthday was a treasure hunt we set up where he had to follow clues around the house to find each car.

Then Michael turned 8 at the end of August.  For his party he asked for a baseball cake.  Please notice that the candles are the players - blue team vs. red.  This was very well thought out.

And don't tell Becca, but we totally forgot that she turned 3 and a half this month (I know, I know, third child and all....)  So on the evening of Michael's birthday after doing all of his stuff we announced to Becca that she was 3 and half and after some practice she was able to hold up the right fingers and was thrilled to have some candles of her own.

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