Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Girls Night

Wednesday night is frisbee night.  Tim takes Michael and recently Jon too out to play with some friends.  So Becca and I found ourselves home together so we decided to have a girls night.  We started by painting our toenails.  I did Becca's and she did mine!

And then we went out and got hair cuts.  I had enough to donate so I ended up with pretty short hair.  Becca wanted hers just like mine but I decided we were going to keep in a bit longer.  She got about 3 inches off.  All the way to the salon she was saying how she didn't want her hair cut.  I couldn't figure out the reason because when I had cut her hair before she loved it.  Finally when we talked it through her eyes lit up - "Just scissors?" she asked opening and closing her fingers like scissors.  Turns out she thought I was taking her to get her hair buzzed off like the boys.  :)

And we ended the night at Captain Sundae for a treat.  It was a fun girls night!

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