Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A few fun pictures

We had a never ending Christmas break.  With one snow day before and two after, it ended up being almost three weeks long.  Poor Becca just couldn't wait one day and started walking around the house with her backpack, making sure everything was ready for when she'd finally be able to go back.

For Christmas I got an amazing calendar from Michael.  Each month is a new picture he created at school.

Can you explain to me how one can even sit like this?  And he stayed that way for like 10+ minutes!

This past week was Tim's birthday.  The kids were so excited to make him cards and give him a cake.  When he sat down to this, the math teacher in him couldn't resist asking the kids, "If I'm turning 35, then how many years does each of these 5 candles have to stand for?"

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