Friday, January 31, 2014

Jon's Half Birthday

Jon's half birthday was a bit crazy this year.  The actually day was this past Monday.  Last Wednesday the snow craziness started for us.  School was canceled Thursday and Friday and we didn't get out of the house much because the plows were having trouble keeping up with all of the snow.  Saturday both Tim and I were pretty sick with a bad head cold.  And Sunday I had a big day at church in the morning and then we hosted our small group for a family meal with 9 adults and 10 kids at our house for a couple of hours.  So Sunday night we sit down to figure out what to make for Jon's half birthday treat for school and realize we can't make the cupcakes he wants.  First, I don't have any cake mix in the house, and second, even if I wanted to get ambitious and make the cake from scratch I can't because I don't have any eggs.

So I got out a couple of options for Jon: muffins, brownies, or sugar cookies - all of which I had mixes for in the cupboard.  Jon picked muffins.  :)

The weather forecast was looking iffy for school on Monday so I waited until 9:30 to make the muffins just in case school was canceled.  We literally got the call as I was putting the muffins in the oven - No School.  So Monday morning we had 24 muffins waiting for breakfast.  Luckily my family loves muffins.  In fact, they were actually all gone by noon on Tuesday.

So then at dinner we wanted to do a family treat for Jon.  He wanted to eat muffins and ice cream, but if you read the above paragraph you will know that the members of my family had already eaten a lot of muffins that day, so we decided on settling for just ice cream.  (Not to mention that there is something weird about muffins with ice cream, even though it is not much different from cupcakes and ice cream really I guess.)  The dilemma of candles in ice cream was solved by our trusty supply of play-doh.

To finish the story, we had snow days on Tuesday and Wednesday as well and I was actually able to get to the store and buy some cake mix.  We actually ended up making cupcakes in ice cream cones for a fun school treat.

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Michele said...

Creative save! We totally missed Judah's 1/2 birthday this year... oops. Thankfully my kids are too young to notice. Happy late half bday to Jon :)